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Roo is a veterinary relief platform that brings real relief through relief staffing. We empower highly-skilled professionals to take charge of their careers and help hospitals stay productive while giving time off.

We support people & their passion

We believe —

Veterinary professionals are the most incredible people on the planet! Heroes like you selflessly dedicate their lives to keeping the pets of the world healthy and happy. This should in no way require you to sacrifice your own happiness and health, yet too often it does.

We created Roo —

To be an innovative one-stop solution to many of the challenges we experienced in vet med including long hours, burnout, talent shortages, low pay, and high stress. Our goal from the start has been to improve the quality of life for veterinary professionals everywhere.

Roo relief vet Dr. Andrew Findlaytor DVM treating dog

Relief work improves work-life balance for all!

When Relief Professionals take charge of their schedules, they define their own work-life balance while enjoying opportunities to boost their income to meet their needs.

Animal Hospitals can rely on relief professionals to give their full-time staff more time off, reducing burnout and turnover so they can keep their doors open in the face of talent shortages.

Full-time Veterinary Professionals who have nothing to do with Roo receive more time off thanks to the availability of relief professionals in their area, improving their work-life balance, too! It’s a win-win-win for the whole industry.

Roo team at VMX veterinary conference 2023 -  veterinary CE

We are Veterinary Visionaries + Silicon Valley Innovators

In 2019, our founders saw a need for big changes in vet med. Burnout due to poor work-life balance was causing veterinary professionals to leave the industry, making talent shortages worse! Hospitals struggled to stay afloat, and staffing agencies were not equipped to help. We needed relief.

We built a technology solution to a people problem

Roo began as a small, rag-tag operation working out of a tiny room in a Houston animal hospital and a home office in San Francisco. We were just a handful of vets, techs, and practice managers with just enough engineers to make this dream a thing.

We grew thanks to you

Today, our Roo Community has grown to include thousands of veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and hospitals who have provided 1.5 million hours of relief. As we grow, we’re able to bring all the great benefits of veterinary relief to even more heroes, making vet med a better place for all.

We stand for —

Freedom & Flexibility

We built our platform to be used however works best for you.

Relief Professionals can work part-time to earn extra income or full-time to maximize their autonomy. Hospitals can post as often as they need and only pay for confirmed shifts.

And everyone is free to use Roo as much or as little as they like.

Transparency & Authenticity

We believe letting you know what to expect gives you the freedom to decide what's right for you.

Every Roo User and Hospital has a profile so vets and techs can learn about each hospital before they commit to a shift and hospitals can get to know the person they'll be working with.

We provide specific info about each shift up front, including pay, so vets and techs can quickly find and choose shifts that are right for them.


Roo was created by the industry, for the industry.

Many of our team members are veterinary professionals themselves. We get it, we get you, and we want to go above and beyond to help.

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Our dedication to enhancing veterinary medicine extends far beyond just Roo. We're committed to elevating the entire field by regularly hosting free CE events and collaborating with local veterinary organizations to co-sponsor even more.

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