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Vet Techs Earn More With Roo

Roo connects veterinary technicians and assistants with hospitals for part-time relief work, empowering you to earn more doing what you love — on your schedule.

Roo Relief Veterinary Technician Reyna Ramos
Roo is completely free to use and will help vets and techs earn more
Boost your income

Make more per hour than the average vet tech with more opportunities to earn!

Create your own schedule with Roo to perfect your work-life balance
Create your schedule

Work when you want, where you want, as much or as little as you like!

Roo is quick convenient and easy to use
Get paid fast

Hassle-free payments via direct deposit in just two business days!

How Roo works for Techs & Assistants

Create your free profile
Search & select shifts
Work your shift & help pets
Rate your experience
Get paid in just 2 days!

Boost Your Income!

Relief work is a great way to supplement your income doing what you do best. Roo Vet Techs often get paid more than the average full-time veterinary technician, making it an efficient way to earn more.

Roo relief veterinarian with dog

"With the flexibility of creating my own schedule, plus the competitive pay, I’ve never enjoyed veterinary medicine as much as I have been while using Roo!"

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Arianna Rudder
Roo Relief Technician since 2023

Own your work-life balance

Roo was created to maximize your flexibility and autonomy. You’re in complete control of where, when, and how much you work so you can make time for what’s most important. There are no requirements or penalties for inactivity, and we encourage you to take as much vacation time as you want.

Roo Relief Vet Dr. Robin Paddock DVM treating a cat

"Roo isn't just a platform; it's a networking powerhouse, connecting me with professionals and allowing me to diversify my experience across various veterinary departments."

Reyna Ramos
Roo Relief Technician since 2020

Learn & Grow with Roo

As a Roo Relief Tech, you’ll keep your skills sharp by making an impact at a variety of hospitals. The lessons you take with you will make you a valuable contributor everywhere you go.

Enjoy exciting free CE opportunities, attend local happy hours (drinks on us), and connect with other members of the Roo community!

Relief Shifts Made For You
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Earn more than ever before with Roo

As a relief tech or assistant with Roo, you'll enjoy total freedom over your career, income, and your life. Work when you want, where you want, and get the most out of vet med.