Roo’s Making Big Improvements for Vet Techs & Assistants

Ross Zimmerman
March 25, 2024

Vet Techs, get ready for the biggest of roo-hoos. We know we throw that particular pun around a lot here, but there have been some EPIC Roo upgrades for Veterinary Technicians and Assistants lately that we're thrilled to share with you. 

As always, our aim is to make relief work simpler and easier so you can focus on what you’re passionate about — providing animal healthcare and doling out pets — without being stressed about, well, anything else. 

Without further ado, here’s what’s new:

  1. Vet Techs & Assistants now only need one unified profile across all states this has huge implications for travel techs and potential tax savings! 
  2. In-app chat now available to send messages directly to hospitals ahead of confirmed shifts — get the info you need quickly so you can be prepared!
  3. Techs can now cancel upcoming shifts in-app* — we’ll let the hospital know you can’t make it to save you time (*if requested at least 4 days before your shift) 

See What's New

Want to learn more about any of these great new updates? Scroll on down! 

One Roo profile across every state

Every Vet Tech and Assistant on the Roo platform is now free to pick up shifts in any state*! 

*Techs will need to be CA Registered Vet Techs to see and pick up Roo shifts in California. 

I know some of you are thinking, “This is news?” Yes. This is BIG news. In the old days, due to technical limitations and licensing/certification craziness, Roo Vet Techs and Assistants had to have a separate profile for each state they wanted to work in. Which, to say the least, was a giant pain. But no longer! Now, a single Roo profile is all you need to grab shifts anywhere in the country.

You’ve probably noticed your Roo Map looking a lot fuller now too. That’s because, with this change, you’ll now see all the shifts on the Roo platform you’re eligible for — including shifts outside your home state! More options means more freedom, and that’s kinda what we’re all about here. Of course, you can always gain even more options by leveling up vet tech tiers as we discussed previously — these gains will now be exponential thanks to your new interstate access. 

Here’s everywhere Roo offers service currently where you’re now free to grab shifts! Take a look around, you might be able to find higher shift payments in a nearby state. 

*California is the only state with restrictions because, by law, you have to be a Registered Veterinary Technician to perform independent contractor work. If you’re an RVT in California and not seeing those shifts in your app, simply email to set up a meeting with our amazing Tech Coordinators. They’ll review your credentials, and once your RVT status is confirmed, they’ll unlock sunny California for you. 

Travel Tech Life Unlocked! 

Not that the travel tech life was impossible before, but it just got a whole lot more accessible. As a Vet Tech, you actually have an advantage over Vets — you can take your talents on the road with way fewer obstacles as licensing restrictions are a lot less limiting for techs doing freelance work. 

Still, be sure to check local requirements as it’s your responsibility to make sure you meet those. You’ll likely have very few issues at Tier 1, but as you climb the ladder, licensing/registration/certification may be required. 

And the best part: Once you travel more than 50 miles, you’ll get HUGE tax write-offs, which effectively increase your take-home income and/or subsidize your vacation. 

Hot tip: Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Washington don’t have income tax, so traveling to work in any of these Roo markets will save you even more money and a non-resident tax return! As an added bonus, Washington has the highest Tech wages in the country so a quick trip to Seattle (which is an epic vacation spot and all-around great city) could be a windfall. 

Looking to get started? Dr. Nikki Johnson’s Nomadic Vet Series will give you all the info you need to go from zero to travel tech in a flash.  

In-app Chat with Confirmed Hospitals 

Roo Vet Techs can now use the Roo app to chat directly with hospitals where they’re confirmed for an upcoming shift. 

Roo Vet Tech Updates Q1 2024 -  In-App Chat

Have questions about an upcoming shift? Where should you park? What should you wear? How many appointments or surgeries are scheduled for that day? The list goes on. Previously, you were assigned a single point person at the hospital to connect with by phone or email. Now, you can simply click the shift in your Roo app and chat right there. Quick. Easy. Convenient. 

In-app Cancellations

Roo Vet Techs can now also call out from upcoming shifts within the Roo app, and it’s just as easy. 

Roo Vet Tech Updates Q1 2024 -  In-App Cancellation

Just click on the info for your confirmed shift, and you’ll see a link to “Request Shift Cancellation.” When you click this link, you’ll see our full cancellation policy and be asked to confirm your cancellation request. Hospitals will then automatically be notified, so you’ll no longer need to make double calls to the hospital and Roo. 

Based on our updated cancellation policy, your cancellation request will either be processed automatically right then and there or you may have to wait for confirmation from a Roo representative. Don’t worry, the app will make it clear where you stand. For best results, try to make your cancellation requests at least 4 business days before your confirmed shift

We fully understand things come up and life is unpredictable, so call-outs may be necessary from time to time. On the flip side of that coin, cancellations put stress on hospitals and their full-time staff (your fellow vet-techs very much included), so we do our best to make sure everyone has a good experience. 

You got to admit, Roo’s getting better

We’re getting better all the time. Better for Veterinary Technicians and Assistants specifically. Because you mean a lot to us, and we’re here to give you all the freedom of relief work with as few limitations and stressors as possible. 

We’re always listening to your feedback so we can make the improvements you need! Thank you to everyone who spoke with us, these changes are for you.

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