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The Career You Love, On Your Terms

Roo connects you with hospitals for part-time relief work, empowering you to earn more doing what you love — on your schedule.

Roo relief vet
Roo is completely free to use and will help vets and techs earn more
Earn more with relief

Make nearly twice as much per hour as the average full-time veterinarian!

Create your own schedule with Roo to perfect your work-life balance
Create your schedule

Work when you want, where you want, as much or as little as you like!

Roo is quick convenient and easy to use
Get paid fast

Hassle-free payments via direct deposit in just two business days!

How Roo works for Vets

Create your free profile
Search & select shifts
Work your shift & help pets
Rate your experience
Get paid in just 2 days!
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Roo relief veterinarian buys first home financial freedom

Boost your income

Roo Relief Vets earn nearly twice as much per hour as the average full-time associate vet, and can earn over $1000 for just a single day of doing what you do best!

Request the shifts you need to reach your loftiest financial goals like freeing yourself from student loans or putting a down payment on your first home.

Define your own work-life balance with Roo relief work to spend more time with your family

"Roo allows me the ability to prioritize my young son. I can build my schedule around his school schedule, holidays, and vacation for his birthday. I’ve never had so much freedom to be able to prioritize my family."

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Dr. Elise Sanchez
Roo Relief Vet since 2023

Own your work-life balance

Roo was created to maximize your flexibility and autonomy. You’re in complete control of where, when, and how much you work so you can make time for what’s most important.

The result? Relief Vets surveyed by the AVMA have some of the highest job satisfaction rates in the industry.

Roo relief veterinarian and technician working together

"As a full time relief veterinarian who is always traveling, I love how easy Roo makes it to see shifts in any area I want to visit!"

Roo relief vet and traveling veterinarian Dr. Nikki Johnson, DVM
Dr. Nikki Johnson
Roo Relief Vet since 2022

Learn & Grow with Roo

As a relief vet, you’ll keep your skills sharp by making an impact at a variety of hospitals. The lessons you take with you will make you a valuable contributor everywhere you go.

Enjoy exciting free CE opportunities, attend local happy hours (drinks on us), and connect with other members of the Roo community!

Relief Shifts Made For You
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The career of your dreams on your terms

As a relief vet with Roo, you'll enjoy total freedom over your career, income, and your life. Work when you want, where you want, and get the most out of vet med.

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