Match Made by Roo: Relief to Full-Time Placement

Ross Zimmerman
April 18, 2024

Do you like piña coladas? Getting caught in the rain? Are you searching for that special someone? That perfect partner who effortlessly makes you (and all your patients) feel cared for? Well, we’re no dating app, but Roo does have a variety of uses — including as a powerful veterinary job search tool. 

The best dating apps on the market are all about having a variety of experiences until you find your perfect fit. And that’s exactly what Roo makes possible. Wait, maybe we are kinda like a dating app… 

Vets and Techs can use Roo to try different hospitals — by actually working shifts there — until they find their match. Hospitals can use Roo to trial run a large number of candidates to find their next amazing vet or tech and make a proven hire. The best part: there’s no uncertainty because you already worked together. It’s a match made by Roo, and we’re here for it (and here to help)! 

"One of the [Roo] relief vets felt like family, like she's always been part of the team. She had a genuine interest in our patients and clients and bonded with our staff. From the start she felt like this was a good fit… Roo ultimately put this special veterinarian in our lives."

- Diana Garrison, Hospital Manager, Independence Equine and Small Animal Clinic

How does Roo Full-Time Placement work?

It’s actually a pretty easy one-step process. Ready? 

Let us know by reaching out to our support team using this link. Hospitals also have a handy full-time placement link right at the top of their Roo dashboard to make your hiring process a breeze.

Mostly, we want to hear all about your match made by Roo. That’s why we do this. Also, we can help all parties manage any future confirmed shifts that may still be in the pipeline.   

For vets and techs: There will never be any penalties or fees for full-time placement, financial or otherwise. We’re happy you’ve found your perfect home, and we want to support your transition as best we can! If you still have shifts booked at other hospitals, we ask that you honor those because those hospitals (and pets) are relying on your help too. However, if you can’t make it work with your new full-time position, we get it, and we’ll work with you to figure it out.  

For hospitals: Any future shifts you may have scheduled with the vet or tech you’ve hired full-time will be refunded with no cancellation fees. Poof! Roo magic. There is a one-time full-time placement fee, which varies depending on the Roo Vet or Tech you’re hiring and their experience. Reach out to our support team if you’d like to learn more.  

That’s all there is to it. At this point, our work is done here, and we’re happy you’re happy. But there’s a lot that comes before this point, and we can help with that too! Whether you’re a talented veterinarian, technician, or assistant looking for work or a great clinic searching for that ideal candidate, Roo can lend a paw! 

Find your Roo love: A new way to search for veterinary jobs

Feeling stuck in a rut? Under-appreciated? Maybe even just a little bored? You deserve better! Or more specifically, an animal hospital-veterinary professional match made in heaven (which is filled with dogs because, as we know, all dogs go to heaven). Sure, you can run through a whole bunch of job interviews where everybody puts their best face forward, but there’s only one way to get the honest experience of working together — by actually working together!

It’s even better than a first date, it’s a trial run! And everyone can rinse and repeat until you’re certain you’ve found a relationship that works. If only dating was this easy! 

Vets and Techs: Experience real shifts before you commit

Roo makes your veterinary job search a snap. Roo sources a huge variety of hospitals for you, so you can give them a try or even just browse their profiles to find the right one. And even when you commit to a shift, there’s no long-term commitment.

It’s not just about the hospital either. Working relief shifts, you’ll get to know the clients and their pets as well as your fellow team members. It’s a great way to explore job opportunities if you’ve recently moved and you’re new to the area, or if you're just looking to expand your network.

You can also use Roo to try out new specialties and different ways to practice. Emergency hospitals, mobile clinics, and shelters are all on the platform, and they need your help. And of course, you’re helping a whole bunch of pets along the way too.

Hospitals: Plenty of fish and it’s free!   

Why pay thousands of dollars for a recruiter when you can have a re-cROO-ter for free! Think of Roo as an incredible networking platform linking you with thousands of vets and techs. While a recruiter may only bring a handful of candidates in for an interview, Roo gets actual patients seen and cared for at your hospital. 

And there’s no commitment for hospitals either. If it’s not the right fit, you can always choose from a huge number of other high-quality Roo Vets and Techs for future shifts. 

"We have had such a wonderful experience at Pet Medical Center of Duncanville with hiring people that came as relief professionals, we have done it twice... Jessi came to us in our hour of need as a relief technician. She fit in great and made a very smooth transition. The great thing was our team was able to work with her, she was able to see how we worked and our culture before she was hired.”

— Krista Fuld, Hospital Administrator, Pet Medical Center of Duncanville

Roo: The ultimate vet med matchmaker 

Your veterinary job search has never been easier. Find your match at the click of a button, then actually work together for a shift (or a few) and see how it goes. We look forward to helping you find your one tRoo love.

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