Don't let Taxes Scare you off of Relief Work

Roo Team
December 21, 2020

Time and time again, we hear from veterinary professionals that one of the biggest barriers to doing relief work is managing the business side of things. For example, without a veterinary hospital to take taxes out of their paychecks, many vets and vet techs are unsure how to file their taxes as an independent contractor. However, Roo makes being a relief veterinarian easy, generating your 1099 forms with our in-house tax support services.  

Roo's here to help

Typically, work as a relief veterinarian involves tracking down separate 1099 forms from every hospital you've worked at in a given year. That's a lot of legwork, and that's not even getting into additional headaches such as lost forms and paperwork errors.

Thankfully, if you’re a relief veterinarian with Roo, we keep track of all your hours and earnings to help you file your taxes each year. When you sign up, our tax center automatically records and issues W9s through our state-of-the-art platform, and if your earnings add up to over $600, Roo will issue a single 1099 form that covers all your relief income earned through our platform for the entire year. We even track your mileage, which can be applied as a tax write-off.

Our 1099 FAQ can be found here, and we even have a partnership with Fit Money CPA to support you with any tax-filing needs.  

Relief veterinarian 1099 tax webinar

We had a quick webinar with one of our Core Vets, Dr. Kay Foster, about how she tackles her taxes. You can watch the video here!

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As always, Roo is here to support our relief workers in any and every way we can. And that absolutely includes filing taxes!

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