Vet with Benefits: Healthcare Open Enrollment Starts Now!

Ross Zimmerman
November 1, 2023

COMING SOON: Vet Concierge

We have very exciting news to announce! Roo has just launched Vet Concierge, our one-stop resource for Roo vets and techs with everything under the sun to make being a relief veterinarian or technician a breeze including, for the first time, health benefits! Roo-hoo!

Health benefits for every relief veterinarian and technician

That’s right, you can have it all! Roo is partnering with Stride Health to get our relief veterinarians and technicians health insurance and other basic coverages. Stride specializes in helping independent workers save time and money getting all the important coverages they need including: health, dental, and vision!

And the best part is they make it easy for busy vets and techs so you’re not wasting precious time digging through health plans.

So why are we announcing this now? Well, obviously because: 

Open Enrollment: November 1st through December 15th

If you need health coverage for 2024, now’s the time to act. Open enrollment runs from November 1st through December 15th for coverage starting on January 1st, 2024. Roo vets and techs can get started now using this link:

Get Coverage

Don’t sleep on your health! 

How does it work?

Stride is an official partner of who saves you the legwork of sifting through dozens if not hundreds of health plans. Their simplified application only takes 10 minutes to fill out, and they’ve got a team of experts standing by to help you find the perfect plan. 

They also ensure you get every tax credit possible, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve got the best health benefits for the lowest price. 

Already insured? 

In 2024, your premium could go up or your benefits may change, plus there may be new plans available to you this year. The only way to know for sure you’re getting the best coverage possible is to take a look around. 

10 minutes is a small price to pay for ultimate peace of mind. 

Vet Concierge: the relief vet & tech’s best friend

As always, Roo is in your corner with whatever you need, and that’s what Vet Concierge is all about! We constantly strive to make the relief experience a breeze for everyone, and that means alleviating all the stressors that come with freelance work. 

Here’s what you can expect from Vet Concierge, launching soon: 

  1. Health Benefits - For the first time ever, Roo will give every veterinarian and technician on our platform the option to get healthcare through Stride!
  1. Tax Support - Our comprehensive tax guide and partnership with Fit Money CPA will prepare our relief professionals to take on tax season with confidence!
  1. DVM Licensing Guide - Looking ahead to renewing your license? Interested in getting licensed in another state to become a travel vet? Roo’s comprehensive licensing guide boils down the practice acts of 29 states into simplified informational PDFs that makes getting licensed a breeze!
  1. Relief Guides - Nervous for your first relief experience? We’ve collected every resource we could find to help you get your relief career off the ground so you can take on your first shift with confidence!

And so much more!

All these great benefits and more will only be available to Roo veterinarians and technicians, but don’t worry — it’s free to sign up and you’ll never be charged anything. 

Welcome to a new era of Roo! Finally, every Roo veterinarian and technician will get the benefits they deserve. 

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