Roo’s Live in Las Vegas: Relief Opportunities for Nevada Vets & Techs

Ross Zimmerman
February 9, 2024

Today, every Las Vegas veterinarian, technician, and animal hospital has something new to celebrate in the entertainment capital of the world — Roo is officially opening its metaphorical "doors" in Vegas! The Roo-volution has arrived, and we’re here to make finding veterinary relief work faster, easier, and more convenient for all.

And if you’re a vet or tech licensed outside Nevada, we’ve got some incredible opportunities for those who want to hit the strip as a traveling veterinarian or technician!

With this exciting expansion, we hope to improve the lives and careers of Las Vegas area vets and techs by connecting them with animal hospitals in need. It’s time to get the pay, work-life balance, and freedom you deserve!  

Nevada Vets & Techs — it’s go time! 

Already a Roo user? Amazing news, you’re cleared for lift-off. Hop on in and see what’s happening:

Get Vegas Shifts

This party’s just getting started!

Keep in mind: this is a brand new market, and we’re growing every day. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding tons of hospitals to our platform, which means the number of shifts you see will only grow. That's more options and more flexibility for you!

Please be patient with us, if you don’t see anything that fits your needs right away, check back soon.  

New to Roo? Get in here — there’s never been more ways to join! 

Here at Roo we’re all about making things as easy and convenient as possible — we know you’ve got more than enough to deal with already. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make signing up for Roo a breeze so you can focus on providing excellent care.  

Ready to hit the ground running? Hop on by, signing up only takes a few minutes:

Join as a Vet

Join as a Tech

Get hopping faster than ever: sign up in person at WVC!

By far and away, the fastest and easiest way to join Roo ever is to visit our booth at one of the many veterinary conferences we attend, and guess what? We’re coming to WVC this month in Vegas!

For any Las Vegas veterinarian or technician planning to attend WVC, come see us at Booth #2881 where you can get onboarded live on site in a flash! This is a can’t-miss opportunity to meet our team, hear what we’re all about, and get all your questions answered. The coolest part: you’ll walk away from our booth with the ability to pick up relief shifts!

It's a perfect moment to join forces, network, and learn more about how Roo can support you and your veterinary career. 

Keep the Party going at our Roo Happy Hour

Whether you’re heading to WVC or not, you’re all invited to join us at our Happy Hour at Hazel Coffee & Cocktails in Mandalay Bay. Get to know our amazing team over drinks and snacks just outside the conference without ever leaving the hotel. 

We’re buying, so all you need to bring is yourself and a party attitude!

Say "Yes" to Fun

What is Roo and what we’re about

Roo’s the industry-leading veterinary relief services platform, and we're here to help Las Vegas veterinarians and veterinary technicians find daily freelance work doing what they do best: providing excellent care for animals in need. Roo gives you a way to earn extra income without having to pick up a weird side hustle — so hang up that Elvis costume, those days are done!

Your talent and skills are in high demand, and hospitals need a hand. With your support, local animal hospitals can rely on relief staff to give their full-time staff more time off and sick leave, reducing burnout for all — which only helps you and your Las Vegas, NV peers provide the best care possible. It’s a win-win, which is way better odds than you’ll find in the casinos.

With Roo, you’ll build your schedule one shift at a time by browsing available shifts (with transparent pay) on a handy map. The whole thing only takes a few minutes so you can get what you need and get on with your life — that’s what we’re all about. Roo was created to bring work-life balance to vet med in a big way.  

Vacation in Las Vegas as a Traveling Veterinarian

Curious about the travel vet lifestyle and want to give it a go in the most spectacular way imaginable? Huge news: it doesn’t get much easier (or cheaper) than becoming a travel vet in Las Vegas! Not only is it an incredible city to explore and a one-of-a-kind vacation spot, it’s also a breeze to get a temp license to practice in Nevada: the perfect storm for a work-hard, play-hard getaway.

For just $100, DVMs who are licensed in other states can quickly apply for a NV temp license and be practicing in Sin City in no time with a vacation on the side (subsidized with tax write-offs galore)! However, you’ll need to know the dates you’ll be working and the address of the veterinary clinic before you apply, which is really no problem with Roo. Just book your shifts in advance, and once they’re confirmed, you’re good to plan your Vegas Vet-cation!

Here’s the application for a Nevada Temp License if you want a head start! Be sure to apply at least 30 days in advance of any shifts.  

Shape the future of veterinary relief for every Las Vegas veterinarian and technician

Above all, being the first to join Roo in Las Vegas means you’ll be right there alongside us as we build our Vegas Community from the ground up. We want you to be our partner, a trailblazer in the relief work revolution. By joining Roo, you're not just accessing new job opportunities; you're becoming part of a community that values your well-being, professional growth, and the chance to make a genuine impact.

There’s so much more on the way, and we won’t stop until we’ve given every veterinarian and technician the opportunity to live their lives the way they want. 

Vegas, it's time to redefine veterinary healthcare together!

Join as a Vet

Join as a Tech

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