Holiday Vet Relief Staffing: What to Expect

Roo Team
November 23, 2020


It’s that time of year again where things start to look festive, people start to gather, and the highways, airports, and train stations are swamped with holiday travelers... ok hopefully this year might look a bit different. COVID-19 will likely have families and pets staying home for the holidays, so we expect to see a rush to make appointments to coincide with that.

As with most industries, we can see natural ebbs and flows in how busy our veterinarians, techs, and vet hospitals are throughout the year. In the winter and holiday months, we tend to see a bit of a decline in activity in the veterinary industry, however staffing can continue to be an issue with holiday travel and the general understaffing of most clinics. For instance, Roo hospitals posted more than 200 relief shifts during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

On the flip side, the summertime is always hectic for veterinary staffing. With families at home spending more time around their pets and having more time to make appointments, we find clinics consistently needing more staffing solutions.

This year, we are likely to see an evening out of this seasonality as COVID-19 has halted many holiday travel plans this year, which means a vet hospital near you likely needs your expertise!

Holiday vet shift promotions

At Roo we want our community of veterinarians to take advantage of this busy time and the need for more skilled labor in our Los Angeles, Houston, and Dallas vet clinics. To incentivize our community, we put together a holiday shift promotion for veterinarians!

By working more shifts in November and December, you can stash away more cash. It works out for many of our clinicians as travel is limited, therefore, you can take advantage of that time at home and take on more work opportunities, and of course, it couldn't hurt to put more towards your holiday spending budget. If you are not a current Roo relief veterinarian, sign up today and receive our $250 sign-on bonus if you work your first shift before December 31st. We can’t wait to have you as a part of our community. Sign up today.

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