Saving a Pet: A Story of Relief Veterinarian Impact

Roo Team
August 10, 2021

A flourishing partnership

At Roo, few things make us happier than when our relief veterinarians form strong working relationships with the hospitals they serve. One such relationship showed how a team can work together to save a life, even if one of those team members is "temporary."

“Being in partnership with Roo for the past year has been such a wonderful experience! How many times has Roo saved our hospital from going dark, so many I can't even count? They are flexible, work absolutely great with our team, and our staff love our Roo vets.
As a practice manager, as a leader, I build great relationships with all my vets that have picked up relief shifts with my hospital. I spoil all my vets and make sure they are well taken care of during their time with us. I love the bond I have with each of them and know they enjoy working with us and will come back when we need them. Our staff and our clients have gotten to know them and absolutely love them, which in turn is a testament as to how many shifts they pick up with Denton! Enough that our patients know who they are and have great things to say about them. Thank you for a wonderful year and the gift of great relationships!”

-Elsa Garza, Practice Manager of Banfield Denton

Roo to the rescue

The story, as told by Camille Heersche, DVM, Banfield Field Director:

Recently we had a very incredible story of going above and beyond to say yes to a pet in need.

The Denton team is a one-DVM team. Elsa, the PM, has built a great relationship with our relief agency, Roo. In fact, this clinic was named clinic of the month with Roo as the vets love working there and have recommended this location to peers.

A patient came in from an ER with a suspected foreign body and was very ill. The clients were unable to afford the ER prices for workup and treatment. They called around to Banfields throughout the DFW market and were unable to get in for this advanced surgery. The clients came to the Denton location to euthanize their dog, since they were unable to find a surgeon to perform the procedure. The Practice Manager, Elsa, has a strict policy of saying "yes" to pets. This clinic was completely booked with a full day and several veterinary assistants in training. Elsa, due to her relationship with the relief veterinarians, was able to call Dr. Jones, who agreed to come in on his day off and perform the surgery.

Our tenured VA, Cody, did all the prep work, bloodwork, radiographs, estimate and client communication while the DVM drove in. She stayed to support Dr. Jones during surgery and recovery. Lucky for this boy, they were able to remove boxer shorts from his intestines and expect a full recovery. Our LVT, Dillon, did a phenomenal job managing the full afternoon caseload and supporting the VA training so this surgery could be done.

Huge kudos to great teamwork, relationships, and making a difference for one very special patient.

Quote of the day

None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful."

- Mother Teresa

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