Why I Use Roo as a Full-Time Relief Veterinarian

Dr. Nikki Johnson, DVM
April 22, 2024

One of the major questions I get from other veterinarians (and especially other relief vets) is about why I would use a service like Roo to book relief shifts instead of just finding vet work on my own and making more money for myself. Basically, why not cut out the middleman? This is a totally valid and reasonable question, but you might be surprised how fired up some people get about it! In some areas that I work, I use Roo exclusively for booking shifts! In other areas, I only use Roo to supplement my booked schedule with clinics that I have established relationships with.

When I first started doing relief work on my own a couple of years ago, I actually used Roo exclusively at the beginning. It was a really great way to be able to find shifts and figure out what was important to me. Over time, I began to develop relationships through online forums or word of mouth, and my client base grew, but Roo really helped me to get started and feel confident as a full-time relief veterinarian. 

Here are the major reasons I still use Roo after almost 2 years as a full-time relief vet: 

Because it’s EASY

It is so nice to be able to go to one website or app with a super user-friendly interface and be able to see clinics, payouts, number of appointments, and schedule a shift within seconds.

Roo takes away the pesky contract signing and emailing back and forth with questions. Oftentimes, when I find a clinic on my own, there are at least 10 emails back and forth with clinics (often over the course of a week or more) regarding hours, payout, length of appointment, and contract expectations. If we come to an agreement (which does not always happen!), then I need to forward my contract and have them review and sign it before even scheduling the shifts. 

No hassle payments

The other really desirable aspect of working as a Roo relief vet is quick and easy payouts for shifts! I have run into a few issues collecting payment in a timely manner on my own as a relief veterinarian, but with Roo, the payout is guaranteed and within 2 days (and they even account for overtime).

Plus, that money goes directly into my bank account via direct deposit, so I don’t even have to think about it. 

It saves me TIME 

As a small-business owner who does relief for their own small company, time equals money. I can be writing articles, making content, working on bookkeeping, taking telemedicine appointments, or just enjoying my travels instead of focusing on scheduling so heavily.

I spend a lot of hours on screens already being a mobile business owner, so time I can take away from my laptop and time I can be making money on other endeavors is truly invaluable to me. 

Relief community and support 

One aspect of being a full-time associate in a general practice that I really do miss is the community and collaboration. Being a traveling relief veterinarian can really be isolating as I often will not see the same staff members more than a few days per year. Being able to have support from Roo via Facebook groups, helpful support staff, liaisons in each region there to help me out with shifts, and other ambassadors and staff at Roo to help me with content is such a great community to have. I am so grateful for it!

Roo also hosts a number of free CE events and happy hours that can be really valuable and a great way to connect with people if the timing/location works out.

Last Minute Bookings

This one is crucial for me, personally. Often, I’ll book out the core shifts on my schedule 1 - 2 months in advance but leave some time open to allow myself to make plans or adjust my itinerary until it gets closer. Being able to check the Roo platform 1 - 2 weeks (or occasionally even a few days) before the shifts allows for some last-minute scheduling that would be really difficult to pull off otherwise. I imagine myself sending a mass email to every clinic I have worked at to see if they need coverage for particular days, and it doesn’t sound very effective or professional. Thanks to Roo, I can help out clinics with some last-minute shifts, and add to my income!

I am a full-time relief veterinarian, but I have many friends who are full-time associates and just use Roo to pick up shifts occasionally on the side. Roo makes it easy to supplement your income or fill in gaps as well! 


For those who have not used Roo, there are periodic promotions for booking a certain number of shifts in a period of time. These are often bonuses or giveaways that just add to the allure of booking through the Roo platform. 

While there is a lot of relief work available out there, getting in contact with clinics and scheduling can really take a lot of time and energy. Given that I work for myself and have many side projects to give my attention to, anything that makes my scheduling run more quickly and smoothly is worth it to me! 

Interested in joining Roo? Use my link here to sign up and schedule your first shift!

Take it easy, 


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