What’s new with Roo in 2022

Roo Team
May 13, 2022

Veterinary relief allows vets and techs to create their own schedules and work where and when they want. Convenience is important for busy veterinary professionals, and that’s why increasing the accessibility and prevalence of Roo has been a major focus for us.

We’re constantly working to improve our platform and improve the experience of all of our Roo users — vets, techs, and hospitals alike. The innovations that we’ve brought to Roo in 2022 will make Roo more convenient than ever.

Some of these new improvements include two very exciting updates that have come out since the start of 2022: the new Roo Mobile App and our expansion into new locations. Finding relief shifts is now possible on the go and in new areas!

So, how will these updates change the way you use Roo?

The Roo Mobile App

The new Roo Mobile App makes it possible to find and filter shifts in your area, manage your schedule, and track your earnings, all from your phone. Being a relief vet is now faster and more convenient than ever.

Roo relief vets and techs are taking charge of their time. Picking up shifts allows Roo users to create their own schedules, choose where they work, and increase their earnings. Now, it’s possible to experience all of these perks on the go!

Now that Roo is available from your pocket, you can find shifts in areas that work for you — including several new Roo locations.

Roo is expanding into new areas!

Along with exciting new features and innovations, Roo is branching into 5 new states (and counting)!

As long as you are licensed to practice in that state, you’ll be able to pick up shifts anywhere you are. The improved accessibility offered by the mobile app will allow users to find and accept shifts on the go.

We’re so excited to offer new locations to Roo users, including vets, techs, and hospital admins. This expansion will allow users in new cities to experience the benefits of Roo, including making their own schedules and choosing where they work.

Roo matches the industry rates in each region and city to ensure that all relief workers are getting the most competitive pay for their area. We know that vets and techs are looking for a way to avoid burnout, improve their schedules, and get fair pay for their work, and that’s what Roo aims to offer in each new area.

Do you know a vet or tech in any of these new areas? Roo users are eligible to receive a referral bonus when vets they refer complete their first shift. To refer a friend, log into Roo.Vet and click the dropdown in the top right to refer a fellow veterinary colleague.

Interested in getting started with Veterinary Relief? Visit this page to see the latest locations where you can find Roo!

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