Travel on the job as a relief vet

Dr. Robin Paddock & Samantha Santos
February 6, 2023

One major perk of being a Roo relief vet is getting to travel. Travel vets take relief or locum shifts in a variety of places. Whereas many relief vets take shifts within their home city, some may choose to travel from place to place while still taking on relief shifts. 

Some who usually stay in one spot might also choose to travel temporarily to switch things up or make money while on the road! Whether you’re going to completely different states, new cities, or even just trying out different settings in your area, no two days are the same! Variety is the spice of life, after all. 

What does it mean to be a travel vet?

Travel vets aren’t the same as mobile vets—mobile vets tend to visit clients’ homes or drive from place to place during a single shift. This distinction is important to keep in mind when searching for shifts. Luckily, Roo allows you to browse available shifts filtered by location, type, and more. 

How Roo relief vets are able to travel

Being a travel vet opens you up to a variety of opportunities! You’ll be able to work in new practices, meet new people, hone your skills, and even travel to practices in new areas. As a Roo relief vet, you’re able to work not only at practices within your own city but also within your state! Additionally, if you’re licensed in other US states, you can travel and work there, too. 

Roo vets are able to use the platform to sign up for shifts in new places, too! It’s simple to keep all your shifts in one place and to be able to view and create your dream schedule anytime, anywhere—especially with Roo’s mobile app! 

Let’s say you’re planning a road trip but want to be able to make some extra money once you reach your destination. Relief vets are able to travel to new locations as long as they meet the qualifications and licensing requirements in each state!

For a list of current Roo locations, click here!

Licensing Restrictions

How can relief vets travel from state to state? As long as you’re licensed in that state, you’re able to travel to different clinics! Check the licensing restrictions for each state before committing to any travel shifts, but once you’re set up, you’re good to go!

Some ways you can incorporate travel into your vet career

How do Roo users enjoy the travel vet life? Whether you’re looking to transition into traveling full-time (#vanlife, anyone?), or you’re using it to switch up your routine, increase your work-life balance, or open up opportunities, you’ll be able to find a method that works for you! 

Here are some examples and ways in which locum vets are able to have an amazing work-life balance!

  1. Holiday travel without the hassle! Visiting the in-laws for the holidays? Pick up shifts in their city so you can earn while you’re traveling!
  2. Spend school breaks with your kids. If you’re planning a week-long trip to Disneyland for the break, be sure to request a shift in LA ahead of time! That way, you can take a shift and still earn money while being able to be along for the ride!
  3. Spend more time with family! Visit parents, cousins, new nieces and nephews, and childhood friends without having to take a ton of time off of work! Being a travel vet makes it easy.
  4. Explore new places! Have you been wanting to road trip around the US but couldn’t scrape up enough PTO? Roo has you covered! As long as you double-check licensing, you’ll be able to work as you go! Don’t let work squash your travel bug!

In the mood for a career change? Shifting attitudes towards work mean that it’s more possible than ever to forge your own path. Whether you want to use being a travel vet to supplement your income while traveling, as a way to explore new places, or as a new lifestyle venture, there are plenty of shifts available for you to take on throughout your journey! 

Qualities to have as a travel vet

Does being a travel vet sound interesting to you? It’s a unique career path that comes with its own ups and downs. So, it’s important to decide whether you’d rather be a relief vet within your own city; and, if you would like to travel, how often? If you have any of the qualities listed below, becoming a travel vet could be an amazing career move for you!


New locations and new clinics means you’ll be experiencing a variety of different workplace dynamics and clients. You’ll also have a schedule that changes by the week and by the day. If you’re able to be flexible, that will help you tremendously on your journey to becoming a locum vet! 


If you love variety and are welcoming to new experiences, new people, and new environments, you’ll enjoy being a travel relief vet. Being open to learn new things and embracing change will help ensure a smooth shift every time! 


Because you’ll be creating your own schedule, you may end up taking on last-minute shifts. Agility will also be necessary when you’re filling in for a practice’s regular vet and meeting new patients and clients all day. 


Travel relief vets have the unique opportunity to learn everywhere they go, because you’ll be meeting so many new people and gaining knowledge from a wide variety of veterinary professionals. If you’re looking to explore new specialties and expand your skills, traveling could be a great option for you!

Whether you’re wanting to take on relief shifts in your city or try your hand at travel, there are so many ways to get started with vet relief.

How to get started as a travel locum vet

So, you’re looking to get started as a travel veterinarian. If you’re already a practicing vet, you’ve got the hard part out of the way! You’ll need to be a licensed vet in any state you travel to, so ensure that you’ve got that taken care of before signing up for any long-distance shifts! 

Additionally, you’ll need a way to find shifts. Roo’s relief platform allows you to browse shifts, track your finances, and manage your schedule all from one place. Signing up with Roo is simple—you can start browsing shifts with just a few clicks!

Benefits of being a travel veterinarian

There are so many amazing benefits of being a travel vet! You’ll get to experience new places and cities while earning money, and get to explore new practice settings and hone your skills along the way!

Additionally, the work-life balance benefits are unmatched. Whether you’re looking to take a work-free vacation or hoping to take a few shifts during your travels, being a locum vet allows you to do it all! You’ll also gain more financial freedom than ever before.

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