Roo’s growing and we’re taking you with us!

Ross Zimmerman
April 1, 2024

Roo is now live in Baltimore, Washington DC, Boston & Minneapolis-St. Paul!

Welcome to all the vets, techs, assistants, practice managers, and hospitals in these great cities! We’re excited to offer you a better way to earn more with relief work, introducing more options, freedom, and flexibility to your veterinary career.

We’re expanding. Fast. As we do, it’s extremely important we never lose sight of our core mission that got us here. So today, we take a look back at where we came from, how we got here, and why we do what we do. 

Want to lead the way in these new cities?

Grab First Shifts

We may be growing, but in Boston, Baltimore, DC, and Minneapolis-St. Paul, we’re just getting started! We’ll be adding more hospitals and shifts constantly to provide even more options and flexibility to you, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for today check back soon! 

Why we Roo: Our mission to bring work-life balance to vet med in a big way

Not so long ago, our founders saw a need for big changes in veterinary medicine. Roo was built with a vision of giving career control back to the veterinarians, technicians, and vet assistants who make our industry so special. 

We built this platform on transparency and authenticity so all our Roo Vets, Techs, Students, and Practice Managers always know what to expect. And empathy is the glue that holds it all together: A majority of our team here at Roo are veterinary professionals themselves, keeping our original mission in sight with every step.

The Roo Equation: More relief work for more vets & techs = More work-life balance for all

Animal hospitals face a dire problem in America, particularly small animal hospitals: Shortages of skilled veterinarians and technicians have put the industry in a tough spot. Everyone feels this pressure.

As Roo brings relief work to these markets, it relieves that pressure (hey, it’s called “relief work” for a reason). By making trusted relief professionals available to sub-in, practice managers can be more comfortable letting their treasured full-time staff take vacations, paid-family leave, or even a simple mental health day here and there. Meanwhile, the clients and pets who rely on these animal hospitals will still get the care they need without ballooning wait times or costs. It’s the ultimate win-win-win-win for everyone involved, fuzzy buddies included.

The results are clear: Roo vets and techs bring relief to more than just themselves and hospitals. The benefits extend to the whole industry, even the pets we treat.  

And we’re all about giving back to the Roo Community — be on the lookout for free CE events being hosted in your area soon. Follow our Roo4You blog for the latest info on all our upcoming events.

Relief work = greater autonomy (work-life balance + financial freedom)

Roo is designed to maximize your freedom. We removed every restriction possible so you can use Roo the way that benefits you most:

  • Vets and Techs earn more than their average hourly rate working relief with Roo so they can increase their income efficiently.
  • With Roo, Vets & Techs build their own schedule so they can work as much or as little as they want.
  • Roo is free to join with no subscription fees, membership fees, or monthly requirements. Vets & Techs are free to take as much time off as they like with no penalties!
  • Roo gives Vets & Techs a way to break out of their routine and bring fresh perspective to new hospitals, making an impact while meeting new people!
  • And we pride ourselves on making Roo easy to use — Vets & Techs can grab a shift anywhere they are from their phone in seconds!

We’ll also never make any of our vets or techs sign non-competes. When you work for Roo, you’re an independent contractor, and we take that independence seriously.

More locations means new regional travel opportunities for all Roo Vets, Techs, and Hospitals!

This is about more than just collecting the most fun accents in the US (Boston and Minneapolis are going to have to duke it out for that title). Roo’s growth brings new opportunities to vets and techs in every city! If you’re looking to try out the travel vet/tech lifestyle or even just inject some variety into your career, now you’ll have new ways to do it.

Regional travel opportunities for Roo Vets & Techs (and all the tax benefits that come with it!)

Remember, once you travel more than 50 miles for a relief shift your airfare, milage, lodging, meals and snacks (within reason) all become tax write-offs, saving you valuable money and effectively subsidizing your travel. It’s a great way to take a mini-vacation and pay for it at the same time, soaking in some new experiences and expanding your network along the way. And new Roo cities means more destinations and more variety than ever before!

Illinois Vets & Techs: you’re not alone in the midwest anymore! Minneapolis-St. Paul is just a short trip down the 94, and you can now use Roo to find relief shifts and plan your trip. Be sure to stop at Mars Cheese Castle on the way. Tax write-off cheese just tastes better. We’ll be adding even more midwest cities soon!

DC and Baltimore: We didn’t want you to be alone either, that’s why you’re actually part of a triple-header of new Roo states and cities. Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. are now all part of the Roo community! North Carolina has been part of the Roo family for some time and can now enjoy some new Roo neighbors! 

Boston joins our East Coast puppy-pile of great Roo cities: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York are all part of Roo already and offer some of the highest paying shifts on the platform (pssst, we listed New York last just for you, Boston)! North Easterners know all these cities are just a short hop away from each other, making this a travel vet/tech paradise for those holding multiple licenses.

Check out all the new shifts popping up in your area:

Let’s Explore!

Welcome to the Roo Community Baltimore, Boston, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Washington D.C.

With Roo comes more freedom, opportunity, and work-life balance for every veterinary professional in these cities, whether you use Roo or not! That’s the ultimate beauty of our mission: everyone wins. 

We’re thrilled with all we’ve accomplished so far, and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing Roo community. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the incredible Roo Vets, Techs, Assistants, and Practice Managers who have made this possible. We’re here because of you, and we vow to never lose sight of our original mission: Change vet med for the better. For all.

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