Introducing: Vet Concierge

Ross Zimmerman
December 6, 2023

Roo just got even better!

Roo-hoo! Vet concierge is finally here! The whole team at Roo has been working hard for over two years, pulling together every resource imaginable under the sun to give you, our amazing vets and techs, everything you need to succeed doing relief work. We’re talking tax support, licensing resources, health benefits, and so much more. 

At Roo, we strive to make every experience easy, fast, and simple for our vets and techs. We know your time is extremely valuable and limited, and we know you probably have more than enough to be stressed about in your life, so anything we can do to alleviate your anxieties and save you time are our very top priorities. 

Excited to jump in? Check it out:

Vet Concierge

Vets can also access Vet Concierge directly through the Roo App by tapping the "Concierge" paw print icon on your bottom menu.

Want to see more? Here’s what you can expect in Vet Concierge:  

Tax Support

We hear you loud and clear, and we want to answer all your questions about taxes! Being a relief worker means having to file taxes as an independent contractor, which raises a lot of questions. Roo does what it can to make this easy for you, compiling all your annual income in a single 1099 form if you make over $600 in a year, but we want to do even more to help ease this all-too common stressor.

Here, you’ll find every tax resource and guide we have to offer all in one convenient place. This includes handy tax write-off guides and FAQs provided by our partner FitMoney CPA as well as information on setting yourself up as a business for even more tax benefits. 

Crush Taxes

Health Benefits

As previously announced, we’ve partnered with Stride Health to bring our relief vets and techs health, dental, and vision insurance for the first time! We even have options for life insurance. 

Vet Concierge has  everything you need, all in one place, to get covered in a flash! 

Get Covered

Open enrollment ends December 15th, so there’s still time if you need coverage!

Licensing & Professional Support

Getting licensed can be a hassle depending on what state you’re in. That’s why we sifted through the practice acts in dozens of states to boil them down to the simplest, easiest DVM licensing guides imaginable. 

With this incredible resource, licensing is a breeze whether you’re renewing for the upcoming year, checking CE requirements, or looking to get licensed in additional states. All the information you need is available at a glance with clickable links to state specific applications and forms! 

We also have information on DEA licensing, personal liability insurance, and an updated list of all of Roo’s upcoming CE events!

It’s a one-stop shop for all your professional needs!

Get Licensed

Relief Tips & Guides

We’ve even made relief itself easier!

Whether you’re nervous about your first shift or just looking to self-improve, this collection of all the relief guides, tips, and resources we’ve ever created is for you. We’ve put all our best advice for being a relief vet or tech in one place so you can take on every shift with confidence.

Relief so Good

How to Guides

Every tutorial on how to use every facet of the Roo app, from signing up to claiming promos, has been combined into one unified collection for you to call upon when needed. 

Have questions about how to use the Roo app or platform? This is the place to go for answers!

How to Roo

All these incredible guides, resources, and tools are now at your fingertips here on our website and in the Roo app. Our only regret is not getting this to you sooner. 

As always, our incredible relief vets and techs are what makes this company great, and you’re the reason behind everything we do. Thank you and happy Roo-ing!

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