Roo Code of Conduct

Veterinarian & Technician Code of Conduct

Be professional

Please maintain a professional appearance and respectful attitude when representing Roo. This includes arriving well-rested with no illicit drugs and/or alcohol in your system.

Please be present during your shift and mindful of the patients and staff (for example: try to avoid excessively being on your phone, taking extended breaks unannounced, etc.).

Personal pets are not allowed during shifts. However, service animal accommodations can be made by connecting with the hospital using Roo Chat ahead of your shift.

Be honest about your skills

It's important that you're always honest about your abilities and skill set. If you overstate your abilities, it can lead to patient endangerment.

Arrive on Time

Please be on time for all shifts — punctuality is critical. We suggest arriving early to get situated, especially if it's your first time at the hospital.

Respect hospital policies

We recommend checking the hospital profile before your shift to make sure you meet any hospital-specific policies.

Dress Code: Check hospital notes for suggestions on what to wear to your shift. You can usually find each hospital’s dress code in their Roo profile. If you’re not sure what colors to wear, it’s always a good idea to stick to muted tones!

Reach out if you have any other questions: It's great to connect with hospitals using Roo chat once you've confirmed a shift. This is a great way to get answers to any additional questions like where to park or what software they use.

Please do not use this feature to call out of a shift. Our full chat policy can be found here.

When booking a shift at a clinic you haven’t worked at before, we recommend only booking one shift in case it’s not a good fit for you or the hospital team.

Cancelation Policy

Canceling shifts is not a good look! Keep in mind, canceling can leave the hospital without a vet or tech for the day, which can create problems for the hospital and hurt client relationships. Therefore, we limit the number of cancellations allowed over a 30-day period or within 4 days of an upcoming shift.

If you do need to cancel a shift, please find the shift in the Roo mobile app or online platform and use the “cancel shift” link. This will automatically let both Roo and the hospital know you cannot make it.

  • No-call/no-shows will not be tolerated and can result in your suspension or removal from the platform. Roo defines this as failing to show up for your shift without notifying Roo or the hospital you can’t make it within a 24 hour grace-period after the shift start time to explain your absence.
  • You are permitted one cancellation per 30 days as long as your shift is more than four days away at the time of cancellation. Please reach out to us directly if you need to cancel a shift that will take place within four days.    
  • A second cancellation within a 30 day period (starting from the date of the first cancellation) may result in your account being restricted from requesting new shifts until you speak with your Account Manager. PLEASE NOTE: You will still keep any confirmed shifts and should complete those as you normally would.
  • A third cancellation within this time period may result in your account being suspended for 30 days (starting from the date of the third cancellation). During this time, you won’t be able to request new shifts, and you’ll be removed from any confirmed shifts within this 30-day suspension period.  

If you're sick, please try to provide any documentation possible without including any personal information. This will help you avoid any cancellation penalties.

Once your shift is confirmed, we're unable to accommodate switches to other shifts at other hospitals on the same day.

Hospital Code of Conduct

Help make the shift a success for your relief professional

Ahead of your shift

Be sure to completely fill out your Roo profile — relief vets/techs will be more likely to book shifts at your hospital if they know what to expect. (NOTE: If you need help taking photos of your hospital, let your Business Development rep know!)

You can use Roo Chat to promptly respond to vet/tech questions. We recommend reaching out to your relief vet/tech at least 24 hours before their shift to answer any common questions such as where to meet for mobile clinics, parking, etc.

Feel free to share information packets prior to a vet or tech arriving for their shift.

During your shift

Please welcome your vet or tech with a brief overview of your hospital and provide guidance on equipment, medications, etc. We all want the day to go smoothly!

Make sure equipment/medications are easily accessible and properly labeled.

After your shift

Look at reviews as constructive feedback!