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You did it! You signed up and are ready to work your first shift. Now that you’ve gotten started, here’s a collection of our favorite tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your relief experience and be the best relief vet you can be.

In this section, you’ll find helpful guides and resources dedicated to teaching you how to master the art of relief work.

Tips for working relief shifts

How to Achieve Work Life Balance

How to become a Travel Vet

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a relief veterinarian make?

The compensation for each Roo shift is determined by our dynamic pricing model, which accounts for location, type of work performed, demand/urgency, and other factors. The total amount each shift pays is displayed when browsing and selecting shifts, so payment will always be transparent when booking shifts.

At Roo, we pride ourselves on our transparency. Therefore, we recently released our average veterinarian payment data so you can get an idea of what Roo vet shifts tend to pay. However, the best way to see exactly what a shift will pay is to simply browse shifts on the Roo app or online platform. You'll always know exactly what you'll get paid up front.

Where is Roo available?

Roo currently provides veterinary relief services in these states and metro areas, and we are constantly expanding. Don’t see your area in our coverage? Let us know we should bring Roo to your area by signing up.

What should I do to prepare for my shifts?

Prior to your shift, the hospital may contact you at least 24 hours in advance regarding any details you should know. You can also chat with the hospital in advance of your shift using the Roo app if you have any questions.

This article has some great general tips for how to best prepare for your first relief shift.

What are the benefits of being a Roo veterinarian?

Roo puts you in control of your schedule, giving you the freedom to create flexible work hours and the work-life balance that's best for you. Our website and app provide a variety of hospital relief shift opportunities, allowing you to work where you want, when you want.

Additionally, the nature of relief work allows you to explore new clinics and specialties without committing long-term for a unique learning experience or just to break out of your routine. If you end up finding a hospital you love, Roo can help you get full-time placement.

Ultimately, we aim to empower veterinarians so you have a better work schedule, a community full of other professionals to learn from and network with, and other support vehicles that will improve your quality of life.

If I'm already employed full-time, should I still sign up with Roo?

Yes! Even if you’re employed full-time, you can always pick up relief shifts to earn extra money. Relief work is also a great way to try out other hospitals to see if they’re a better fit and learn from other doctors.

Or, you could become a travel vet, practicing on the road anywhere you’re licensed by picking up relief shifts wherever Roo is available. You never know what you’ll find, and Roo is free to join with no membership fees and no penalties for inactivity so you have nothing to lose!

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